Venturi Air Blowers

Importance of Venturi Air Blowers

Venturi – Style Air Blowers are versatile, and provide high volumes of air for numerous cooling and ventilating applications. Air Blowers have no moving parts, operate on compressed air or steam, and: are ideally suited for use in hazardous atmospheric locations.

Air Blowers are used .for either supply or exhaust applications. Typical applications include venting of tanks, towers, and pressure vessels in process plants and refineries, ventilating tank cars, holds, manholes, and confined work areas, and cooling and drying applications in shipyards, manufacturing plants, and construction sites. They can move large volumes of air through long runs of ducts.

Air Blowers operate on the Venturi principle that uses small volumes of high velocity air or steam to accelerate large volumes of low-velocity air.


In the blower air or steam enters a concentric manifold chamber surrounding a Venturi throat. A series of orifices located symmetrically around the chamber is positioned to expand the air or steam into the reaction zone downstream of the throat. It is here that the high velocity air or steam imparts its energy to slower-moving air and accelerates it which in turn draws more air through the throat into the reaction zone. The direction and expansion rate of the accelerated air is controlled by a conical-shaped diffuser

Venturi Air Blowers are machines that move huge volumes of air for a moderate increment of strain. Modern blowers work at a lower strain-to-volume proportion than air blowers, making them great for consistent and solo use. While air blowers can be named either diffusive or positive dislodging, all models work similarly to move low-pressure, high-volume air dependably. As the rotators, fan edges, or impellers turn, the air is sucked into the gadget’s pull side, compressed, and delivered in a rapid stream.

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