Pneumatic air Motors

Pneumatic Air motors are versatile workhorses that can be used in a diverse range of applications. In
many applications the inherent features of air motors make them more suitable over electric or hydraulic
optionsThey run cool, can be stalled, can handle variable loads and all our motors are Ex Certified and
are instantly reversible. You can use them for mixing, lifting and pulling applications in explosive zones.
Speed and torque can be variable by simple modulation of input air pressure and air
volume.Compact size compared to electrical motors

About Lube Free Variants
All air motors can be ordered as Lube Free. Lube free motors have a special hard, friction free and corrosion resistant coating. These motors have to be run about 15% slower than a normal motor. These motors can operate without any lubricant and therefore do not release any oily mist in the exhaust. Apart from the overall saving, this makes them very suitable to use in super clean environments.

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