Air Receiver Tanks

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High Volume Moisture Separator is connected in line close to the blast pot to assist in removing moisture from the sandblast system without pressure loss.  It is essential to remove the moisture from your compressed air for efficient blasting.  Moisture can cause your abrasive to clog, slow down your blasting speed, cause unnecessary breakdowns and even cause your newly blasted surface to rust.

Features of the 1600 CFM High Volume Moisture Separator

  • Contains an expansion flow-chamber design with an internal stainless steel coalescer.
  • Highly effective moisture droplet removal for peak productive sandblasting with minimal pressure loss
  • The moisture Separator is supplied with a manual drain valve
  • Air fittings not included – specify and order separately
  • Inlet size 2″Blastquip stock several moisture removal systems from moisture traps to air prep systems to completely eliminate moisture from your sandblast pot and make your blasting system highly productive.

The Air receiver tank is a fundamental and significant piece of any packed air framework. Normally a receiver tank is estimated at 2 lady/scfm and expanded to 4-10 lady/scfm of a stream on the off chance of enormous interest swings or floods. In this way, if a blower has a rating of 25 scfm at 100 psig, the collector tank ought to be 50 ladies at least up to 250 ladies if there are huge floods.

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