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Air blower (Jet fan)

Compressed Air Driven Reaction Fan

Ventilators are available in two models and designed to Fit directly into tank, openings for Gas/ Fume & Dust Removal. These are specially designed for compressed air operation only. These air removals reduce maintenance down time, Speed up turnarounds and create a safer working Environment and will improve workers’ productivity.


Substantially reduces through faster, safer gas-freeing and I or cooling prior to worker entry into large tanks process vessels and other confined areas.


Significantly increases by clearing the air of particulate and I or fumes generated during sandblasting, welding or painting operations; also by creating a more comfortable working environment.


The unique RF design utilizes the action – reaction and leverage principles. These principles combined with nozzle technology, physical fan laws and structural engineering result is a highly reliable design that assures long life and minimal maintenance. In operation compressed air, discharged through a nozzle at the tip of each fan blade, drives the fan at high speeds to provide extremely efficient, high volume air – moving capacity.


Air driven industrial and marine blower/ exhauster is designed for fast and thorough, ventilating or cooling large process vessels such as storage tanks, furnaces, scrubbers, columns, towers degassing vessels and supplying fresh air to men working in tanks. It is also suitable for use in Chemical carriers, barges, sandblasting inside tanks & covered areas or in other applications where spark -free environment or where there is no electricity.


The RF is a ruggedly built industrial blower and requires minimum maintenance. The ball Bearings are grease sealed for long trouble-free operation. Occasional cleaning of the screens and fan blades is recommended. A build up or dirt on the fan may cause it to become unbalanced and vibrate.
Depending on the cleanliness of the supply air enters the shaft bore. To prevent damage to the carbon ring air seal, remove end cover occasionally and clean out the cavity as required.



Fan blades
Fan shaft
Air seals
Rugged cast aluminum
Cast aluminum
Stainless steel
Permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings
Stainless steel


Available Sizes – 12",16 “,20” and 24" diameter.
Air delivers 20" Dia. 10,400 to 16,900 cfm, 17.669 to 28.713 M3/Hr.
Air Delivers 24 Dia. 11,700 to 19,878 cfm, 19.878 to 33.591 M3/Hr.
Suitable for supply or exhaust.
Direct drive – no belts to maintain.
Variable air flow by varying inlet air.
OSHA fan guards on both ends.
Heavy gauge welded construction.
Carrying handle(s).
Lifting lugs.
Cool running – expanded air cools motor.
Minimum maintenance.
No shock start – lower maintenance.
Non-spark construction.
Air supply – 100 PSIG max lubricated air.